JDM Kei Truck & Jimny 4X4 Adventure [OFF ROAD FEATURE FILM]

In this feature length season finale, Marty and Moog take their modified cars off the beaten track for a multi-day adventure!
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Supercheap Auto
Lift Kit
Garmin Overlander
RYOBI Air Inflator
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  • Thank you to everyone who has supported MCM for another year. We hope you enjoy this feature length finale and we can't wait to create more epic videos for you in 2021. Stay safe and Merry Christmas. Marty & Moog

    Mighty Car ModsMighty Car Mods4 månader sedan
    • @A Saville Awesome stuff fellas. Wishing you guys the very best for your future endeavours.

      Jared TansleyJared TansleyDag sedan
    • Make that little van into a beast of a truck.

      A SavilleA SavilleDag sedan
    • Wow this was awesome 😍😄 very different to what you normally do but I freaking love it totally awesome

      curtis wilcockcurtis wilcockMånad sedan
    • Absolutely hit it on the head awesome show

      Jared TansleyJared TansleyMånad sedan
    • Kei to the city 2: Kei to the wilderness. Thanks for a wonderful video guys, legend adventure you had, keep up the amazing work. Best idea for self isolation from 2020 I've ever seen ^_^

      BurntFaceManBurntFaceMan2 månader sedan
  • Can't wait too see another jimny episode, do you have a ETA

    Luke SorensenLuke SorensenDag sedan
  • fat godzilla

    JrsystemJrsystemDag sedan
  • Ive been eye balling the Daihatsu Jumbo Cabs for months..I so want one but shipping to the US costs more than the truck.Then you have to pay tax on it too when it lands in the states.After all is said and done youve paid 2 or 3 times the cost of the truck.

    HHIVR4HHIVR45 dagar sedan
  • call sign: ScoliosisNinja or SnowBunny

    david ervindavid ervin6 dagar sedan
  • I left the car scene years ago & got into the overland/offroading...come to see MCM got a 4x4 build made my year 😭🙏🏻

    The PunisherThe Punisher7 dagar sedan
  • 59:25 I just realized you did not carry a spare tyre. That was... Not a great idea. Because those rocks could have punctured one of your tyres. Nevertheless, awesome video! Love to see the Australian sites, as I never went there. Cheers from Portugal!

    hitardohitardo12 dagar sedan
  • Really enjoyed this episode guys! Loving the new 4x4 adventure for MCM, would’ve love to see more camp/cook/camp fire scenes but I’m sure you could do it for the next run. Keep up the great work guys.

    Fernan MartinezFernan Martinez12 dagar sedan
  • My god the madlads did it! On the plus side I now have two great recipes! Anyways, I just wanted to say Marty and his "fix" to get the Kei truck through the water is embracing the spirit of offroading. Sometimes one needs a creative solution like that. Case in point, years ago someone I knew had to fix their Jeep on a trail only using duct tape and zipties (they snapped their sway bar, if I recall correctly). It wasn't the permanent fix, but it got it back to civilization. Sometimes one just needs to be creative.

    FordTough2013FordTough201312 dagar sedan
  • It’s so cool seeing you guys branch out and appreciate the hard to reach beauties that your local lands have to offer. It’s also so great to see you guys progress as amateur overlanders. I would love to see more of this!!

    Jordan WilbanksJordan Wilbanks12 dagar sedan
  • Even though this channel started a long time ago, it is one of the few channels that never lost its spirit. The fun and friendship still shines through. 'all the best from DK - Cheers mate.

    Daniel JakobsenDaniel Jakobsen12 dagar sedan
  • you cook steak blue because the texture is better! but i respect your rubbery preference

    Dropkick SuplexDropkick Suplex13 dagar sedan
  • i absolutely love these long episodes... such a chill vibe, probably the chillest vibe on the planet.

    unikaturaunikatura14 dagar sedan
  • aussy best ! tell us the story of bluemountain, have a lovely camping mate......

    Nirwan HarahapNirwan Harahap16 dagar sedan
  • You dont need expensive car for offroad and overland... just though car and economical car... good stuff and right gadget for offroad.. affording adventure... easy to fix ... less electronic, less problem.... nice content MCM!!😎... good luck

    Pradana WpPradana Wp18 dagar sedan

    JDM_PhysicsJDM_Physics18 dagar sedan
  • More offroad vids !

    A MA M18 dagar sedan
  • My kids and I enjoyed your journey as much as you did

    Pablo TorresPablo Torres19 dagar sedan
  • anyone else see something behind him at 35:59

    Nils DeichertNils Deichert19 dagar sedan
  • I loved seeing this change to 4wding in this episode. I appreciate both sides to being a car/driving enthusiast. As I've gotten older I've come to the same realisation you can have a lot of fun slowing down and appreciating your surroundings. You get to have as much fun and it's all legal!

    DanielDaniel20 dagar sedan
  • My call sign is dadbod nuke lol

    Rracer300zxRracer300zx20 dagar sedan
  • When is the next trip

    Bajan servicesBajan services21 dag sedan
  • You should go to Barbados

    Bajan servicesBajan services21 dag sedan
  • My call sign is peckerhorse

    thedarkgreenvanmanthedarkgreenvanman21 dag sedan
  • I heard if you refer to a "tray" as a box/bed in Aussiland you risk being linched.

    MONROEMONROE22 dagar sedan
  • Love to see some mods maybe an engine swap in the hijet

    Dean BatemanDean Bateman22 dagar sedan
  • Can somone help me - how is called the effect in intro (oil pained like)

    Petr LandaPetr Landa22 dagar sedan
  • Now I feel like going off-roading in my truck!

    Eric MiclovenEric Micloven23 dagar sedan
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahah, "leave it better than you found it" you literally Threw your gas station trash directly on the ground and in the bushes!

    Dave FrazierDave Frazier24 dagar sedan
  • The fact that they speaking with the radios and they have 2 meters distance really annoying me 😂😂😂

    Γιώργος ΑλμπανιδηςΓιώργος Αλμπανιδης25 dagar sedan
  • I like this cuz theyre having fun but they are cleaning australia to keep it beautiful # Leave it better then you found it.

    Just stuffJust stuff25 dagar sedan
  • GOOD!kei4WD

    CSKY KCSKY K26 dagar sedan
  • Watching Moog make a steak after him knowing him to be vegetarian for so long is just so strange, but I’m here for it, man

    CoadyWelchCoadyWelch28 dagar sedan
  • Bearded lady is my callsign

    Lucid_doj liveLucid_doj live28 dagar sedan
  • "grain fed cows..." Sheesh these people

    ArucaneArucane28 dagar sedan
  • The call sign I came up for myself was Fat Bastard. I think I did something wrong.

    superque4superque429 dagar sedan
  • gotta makes you wonder what the 3rd guy is using to drive and what not. where he slept and how he holds his laugh during the funny moments

    MotoWandererMotoWanderer29 dagar sedan
  • my school hill is a 37% incline for about 1.5k haha

    Jay ParkinJay ParkinMånad sedan
  • 4x4 24/7 inspired ❤️

    Austin KAustin KMånad sedan
  • My call sign is the desperate fuck nugget

    OfficiallyterribleHDOfficiallyterribleHDMånad sedan
  • Watch at 1.5x speed for the most hilarious tiny car speed mode

    Minima DomumMinima DomumMånad sedan
  • Hey guys absolutely luv the video....well done...

    kerry kokotiskerry kokotisMånad sedan
  • another great video - so when this video came out - I was induced into a coma at the hospital because I had Covid and Pneumonia at the same

    TiioakTiioakMånad sedan
  • As a meat eater, generally dont do the flip flop method because you sear off juices one flip half way through is a legit technique. I would have done 3 min/side and done. I cant wait till we see v6 vs turbo kie truck battle.

    epoxeclipseepoxeclipseMånad sedan
  • lol i want to trade my 3.8 ltr JK wrangler in for one of those Kia 4x4 trucks :)

    t0m33r5t0m33r5Månad sedan
  • Would love to see a project to turbocharge the Suzuki - Just an idea.

    James DownieJames DownieMånad sedan
  • Lazy Wolf checking in from the Pacific Northwest. USA

    Nick TylerNick TylerMånad sedan
  • The Suzuki is great for this, but I find myself rooting for Marty’s “Little Engine That Could” truck. Gotta love an underdog

    Meaculpa MishegasMeaculpa MishegasMånad sedan
  • 30:00 trademark strike there shauno, and looks like jocko is sleeping in the "tray"? Where are the iron jacks?

    william baxterwilliam baxterMånad sedan
  • So glad I went to the website, now I know how to cook that delicious steak.

    Twiztedmind864Twiztedmind864Månad sedan
  • 1:11:24 song name please

    Steve BoooghatttiiSteve BoooghatttiiMånad sedan
  • More of this!

    Andrew RaihaAndrew RaihaMånad sedan
  • A spectacular place - very ethereal! I hope you are being paid by the Australian tourist Board! I am totally impressed by the little Daihatsu Kei truck.

    James DownieJames DownieMånad sedan
  • Callsign/handle(U.S.) - MeatPie

    Just The TipJust The TipMånad sedan
  • 26:30 If this can't be agreed on... please move to your own rock far far away.

    MostcomMostcomMånad sedan
  • 35:05

    Mitsubishi 3a92powerMitsubishi 3a92powerMånad sedan
  • This was awesome, loved the cooking bit btw really useful information like always.

    Mitsubishi 3a92powerMitsubishi 3a92powerMånad sedan
  • My nickname is flat stanley

    ngiles06ngiles06Månad sedan
  • Lol they call that a lift, in the US there as tall as a small house.

    Brandon VBrandon VMånad sedan
  • what about a crossover with the guys of 4wheel drive 24/7

    RaycoloridoRaycoloridoMånad sedan
  • You boys need to come to Canada learn about off road

    Jamie AndersonJamie AndersonMånad sedan
  • Watching it for the second time, Can't get enough of MCM love from Pakistan

    fawad malikfawad malikMånad sedan
  • The message behind this video is top notch 🙏👌 Marty and moog are so inspirational 💜 to me super awesome guys having fun having life adventures and everything about this video was right the 4x4 goodness fantastic

    curtis wilcockcurtis wilcockMånad sedan
  • You guys make me want to put a lift kit and mud tyres on my 2.2L camry

    SumyjklSumyjklMånad sedan
  • Very careful driving there bros you're a lot more capable than you think...

    Szilard RetkesSzilard RetkesMånad sedan
  • Reminds me of Grind Hard Plumbing’s overland trip with built out kiddie jeeps

    Aidan SyracuseAidan SyracuseMånad sedan
  • Do they not have covid 😂😂😂

    Brayden HarkBrayden HarkMånad sedan
  • i guess my "call sign" is Ugly tall

    AxelAxelMånad sedan
  • I had a blast watching this. Beautiful country and loads of fun. You guys are fun to watch together👏🏻

    Luke TannerLuke TannerMånad sedan
  • Hilarious and cool, good adventure!

    Erik SanbornErik SanbornMånad sedan
  • You guys ever mod a Honda Accord?

    Erik SanbornErik SanbornMånad sedan
  • I love when Moog uses his real name and it confuses people XD it got me years ago as well for the first feature. Great video guys, as always!

    Captainjack1988Captainjack1988Månad sedan
  • hi

    TitanityTitanityMånad sedan
  • Me Chief Small PP.

    Aaron M.Aaron M.Månad sedan
  • Notice Moog has a ring on each hand, that's because he's married to his wife & to marty

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  • Australian fuel stations are just as shit as American ones. Lol

    Evil Kake PieEvil Kake PieMånad sedan
  • you should make more off road car episodes ! best episode ever!

    07 Zoltan07 ZoltanMånad sedan
  • I had a school camp at that spot with the paintings and had to trek into the spot I had no idea there was a road

    Jake BradburyJake BradburyMånad sedan
  • All four of you are absolute legends.

    sea2csea2cMånad sedan
  • mighty car mods with a hint of 4wd action :D

    Liam Hester MTBLiam Hester MTBMånad sedan
  • I was just watching 4WD 24/7 series aussie offroading then I come here and I still am enjoying it! 🤣

    Jackson HJackson HMånad sedan
  • My handle (or call sign) would have to be olde bald lobster. I loved this one so much I had my fam watch it with me. It's great on a big screen. I think I've got my wife convinced we need to take her Forester off roading!

    Revengeful LobsterRevengeful LobsterMånad sedan
  • When this video came out I thought hmm that’s cool but not my area of interest, fast forward 3 months and I’m picking up a $600 tracker completely stoked on the idea of slow speeds and lots of dirt. Seriously considered scouting out spots in my slammed e46 because I couldn’t wait to start discovering trails

    Joseph KriegerJoseph KriegerMånad sedan
  • I'm late but this turned out really good.

  • No off-roading is not better than Sylvia's and skylines big brother.

    gonzalo salinasgonzalo salinasMånad sedan
  • The damaged condition hypothetically crack because tower coherently announce throughout a alive actor. dramatic, addicted decade

    Elnora FionaElnora FionaMånad sedan
  • Cool.off road trip video. Why is it tiny Kei cars always add up to big fun.

    Mark On Motoring.Mark On Motoring.Månad sedan
  • Marty im going bald too man its kinda scary but if getting old means being like guys like you and moog Im ok with that. From Houston TX.

    gonzalo salinasgonzalo salinasMånad sedan
  • Never apologize for something you enjoy, Martini.

    Beau RemingtonBeau RemingtonMånad sedan
  • Respect you guys. Keep up the good stuff.

  • Arthritic Ninja checking in

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  • After watching your stuff for a solid 12 years or so I gotta say this is probably one of the best projects/trips yet! Absolutely loved it. Even if I did just miss out on an hour of sleep because I should know better than to browse youtube at night.

    Devdog67Devdog67Månad sedan
  • A MCM/Dirt Every Day crossover would be a hoot. A trip to Moab, epic.

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  • Well done. Great vid.

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  • As a USA bloke the only complaint I have is even the mention of VEGAN on a camp out! The rest I love it!!!

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